Boredom made me do it

Hello there, Stephanie is my name and I am blogger. I tried my hand at blogging before but I abandoned it many years ago.  As a Print Journalism major, I considered myself to be a serious writer. A professional writer. No one who like myself, paid to learn the difference between “style” such as the difference between Associated Press or AP Style versus Chicago Style, would ever consider blogging. I previously aspired to be a great investigative reporter. To report the news, i.e., the facts and nothing but. No Op Eds…no gossip columns. Yet, here I am. I am not interested in chasing elusive celebrities, politicians and subjects who never agree to an interview…unless of course, they are promoting something.  It’s contrived and I don’t have interest in the dog & pony show.

The landscape of blogging has changed dramatically since I graduated from college. The way we access information or the news is revolutionary and appealing to the masses. Information is instantaneous. We no longer have to wait until the 11PM news broadcasts to find out what happened 12 or 2 hours ago. We are no longer startled away from our regularly scheduled program to be rudely interrupted with breaking news content we may not care about. Today, we can get news we want, when and how we want it. From bloggers, not reporters, but from regular people like us.  Anyone and everyone can become a SME on something. Which oddly gives more credence to “man on the street” on-camera interviews.

This is not our parents news. Our parents have yielded to our news and the manner in which we communicate to and about the world in which we live.

So, I said all of this to say-I’ve started my blog and I have a vision for this platform. I know what I want to say; I have an opinion about everything. I’ll meet you here as often as possible. I hope you enjoy this experience. I will do everything possible to ensure that you have a rymarkable time when you visit my blog.


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