The children are the products. The evidence of unmet expectations and pain. 

Children become the victims after two people decide to go their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences.  

The children pay the price when they enter the lives of the immature, unprepared, irresponsible, uncommitted, unloved, the abandoned, the impoverished. 

The children have to learn the hard way that there are consequences for being irresponsibly horny, lonely, sad, angry, codependent, spiteful or drunk. 

The child is tasked with the tough questions that their “parents” didn’t think twice to ask prior to conception.  Who are you?Do you want to raise children with me; you and I together, versus “Do you want a baby?” Do you want a baby? Is that it? It’s not just about diapers, cute outfits, fresh shoes and shit. 

This is a human life who will pay the ultimate price, when things go sour; when everyone decides to move on to another one, yet there is one who cannot do the same so easily. Thanks to DNA strands intertwined in her veins, it’s great that Mom & Dad got to walk away, but how do you equitably split a person in half and love them whole? You cannot love him whole when he was born into a sham. 

How do you fill the hole that is left when two people don’t make it, but then there is a child caught in this mess? 18 years is a lifetime to be haunted by a very serious mistake and unmet expectations. There is no amount of child support that the highest of courts can award, to compensate for being born unwanted, unplanned, abandoned and ignored. 


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