Happy New Year

Sometimes we get so deep on the final day of the calendar year that we become a bit too overzealous. We’re going to lose all of the weight, pay off all the debt, heal all old wounds, get married, have a baby, earn a promotion, etc. Most of what we find unsatisfactory about our present situation…took time to become that way. We can make significant progress in 365 days…just give yourself a break and breathe first before diving in. If you commit to being grateful, happy, at peace and awesome in this very second, you’re already on the right track. Goals and resolutions are indeed necessary when you know that more is required of your life. Sometimes radical changes are eminent, inevitable and unavoidable. Only you know if you gave this calendar year 100% of your efforts or if you played yourself too small. If you only existed through most of 2015 versus living your life beyond your own definition of fullness, I ask you…are you satisfied? If you have more issues than Vogue; are you part of the problem? You are definitely an integral part of the solution. As a dear friend once told me in love…be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. No, seriously fall IN LOVE with yourself. Most of us do not really like ourselves, let alone LOVE who we are. And this is evident in how we interact with the world. You can not love me or expect me to love you, if you can’t find one solitary reason why you should love you. I am just a mirror projecting back to you what you are sending out into the world. Are you satisfied with that? 
Happy New Year, Happy New You.  


The Gift

This year I became the proud owner of a real (live) Christmas tree. I picked it out, chose my decorations and I feel so happy when I admire it’s beauty multiple times a day. One of the odd reasons that I am thankful for my Christmas tree is because of the gifts that lay underneath it. Up until a few days ago, there were countless presents adorning the tree skirt. And actually none of them were for me. The visual was breathtakingly AMAZING! 

Sometimes we don’t acknowledge our gifts because we do not or cannot see them. When all of the presents began accumulating under the tree, the reality of how I had been blessed was evident.  I could literally see that how others were going to be blessed…it was overwhelming. And when my own presents started rolling in, it was humbling and I was besieged by gratitude. I can buy pretty much what I want (or most of what I want.) So none of this is about money or materialism as much as it is about recognizing authentic fortune.  I am fortunate to have received so many gifts; most of which were unexpected, personalized and thoughtful. I truly love all of my gifts this year! I am fortunate to have people in my life that I could buy and/or make something special for.  I am proud that I helped others enjoy a great Christmas also. 

There is one gift that I have not yet fully acknowledged…it is my gift of writing. As my dear friend reminded me tonight (as have many others before her), I am a writer. I am a damn good writer. I have an opinion about everything. I feel compelled to share my point of view…because I have one. There will come a day when all of us will only exist in the memories of others. My voice; snipets of my life will live on through my artistry of words. I believe that I can and will make a very lucrative living publishing my work. I have a story to sell and I am not ashamed to say this today.  

I don’t have a rags to riches story. My middle-class family and background is pretty comparable to most. I didn’t grow up impoverished. I grew up having an unrelenting determination to succeed. To keep the prosperity going in my generation and beyond. My parents had a house so it only seemed right that I would also. My Mother can buy whatever she wants. I admired & enjoyed watching her embrace her success and decided that I would do the same.  I had goals that were inspired by others yet directed by my own strong constitution to live my best life.  And it is through these experiences that I am capable to relate to you through my writing. 

I have so much happening with me emotionally. There are times when I feel incredibly sad. And I will write about it because I decided a long time ago that it was okay for me to be human. I do not need to have all of the answers.  I do not need to be “on” all of the time.  I proceed with caution through my feelings but I don’t get stuck there. I let them pass respecting their right to exist and disappear into nothingness.  I have the final say about what comes next. And when I do not know which way to turn; I have an omniscient Indwelling Christ to show me the way.  

I am a writer and this is my gift from God to you. And I will treat it as such.