One Nation, Indivisible

The problem with the “Trump appeal”; this brash, abrasive, divisive, and deadly weapon of a viewpoint is that it is a threat to world peace and all humanity. Some people praise him and have decided to vote for this “businessman” because he is finally saying what some groups have been wanting to say for the last 8 years…or longer. People celebrate that he insults or obliterate his opponents with childish retorts versus disarming them with facts and solid demonstrated performance. Some seem to admire his celebrity, his wealth, his brand…his one man show. Sadly, these attributes are apparently sufficient to lead these United States. 

Trump is entitled to his views and sincerely held prejudices as an individual and even as a businessman. But not as the President of the United States. We are a democracy of the people, by people and for the people. And as the people, we get to assess whether our government and elected officials are qualified to uphold these inalienable and Constitutional rights. 

Trump is not like you…and he is not like me in the sense that he isn’t working to pay off a mortgage, a car, student loans in the same way that I am. He would be insulted if he was called middle-class. Yet middle-class sometimes feels like an aspirational goal for me and countless others. I have never filed bankruptcy to make all of my debts disappear and retain the majority of my assets and/or wealth.  He isn’t driving himself to work; working in an office. He does not work for anyone. But I do. And more than likely, you do too.  Or you have at some point in your life. 

And to be fair, the same fact is true for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders; or Cruz, or Rubio or Kasich. I don’t care what or how their script writers, interns, publicists, lawyers, advisors or whomever try to spin their political personas…none of these people are like me. Therefore, I’m not voting from that perspective. 

The good thing is, a candidate does not need to live in my community, have the same or similar cultural, racial or socio- economic experience to relate to me and my concerns. You just need to be aware of the shared concerns of the American people regardless of his or her race, nationality, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.   

Race is not the only pressing issue in America but it is one of the main focal points, namely in this current election. And this is alienating everyone. As I said in the beginning, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and views.  I have no more right to discredit your life experiences anymore than you have a right to disregard mine. And though my race frames my experiences, it is not the sum total of who I am or the totality of my existence. 

My issue with this apparent Trump appeal is he is rejuvenating and encouraging a dangerous undercurrent of hate.  The platform in which he stands is not congruent with “One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”  Rather he is pledging to make America “great again.” For whom? And how does he propose to do that by literally building a wall?  To get on the national stage and make inflammatory and derogatory comments, is literally inciting fear and hate which is something that America does not need more of.  

Has anyone stopped to think where Trump goes after he is done with his speeches? Is he going back to one of the five boroughs on the subway? Is he going to work the next day to work side by side with or for the very individuals he insulted the night before? No, he is not. He returns to his life of luxury and privilege.  

Trump is spreading the virus of bigotry among common, working class people, who in turn betray and destroy their own communities. Not his. And not Hillary’s, Bernie’s, or President Obama’s. 

There are plenty of Internet trolls who mask their fear and insecurity behind disparaging comments and name calling all day long. Invariably, these sad individuals are harmless. Many of them  likely lack the emotional intelligence to affect any meaningful change to be a real threat.  They have no access to any lobbyists, political powerhouses or any lawmakers who would dare engage them legitimately.  Talk is cheap. 

Unless of course you are running for and are elected to a public office; a job that requires that you work for the greater good of all people, including those that you do not like.  Therefore what Trump is doing is dangerous as it is egregious.  

If health care reform is the issue; fix it. If war is not the answer, then let’s stop going to war.  If education, immigration, taxes, education, public assistance, and other social programs are the issue, then let’s roll up our sleeves; get some bipartisanship going and make it happen. What does race have to do with any of it in truth? By being inclusive and respectful of all viewpoints regardless of the demographic details of the individual…this is how you truly help America CONTINUE to be great. 

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