Happy 1-year Anniversary to us!

Rymarkablesteph turns 1 today! How cool is that, Guys & Dolls?! Thank you so very much for spending time with here. For reading my work and taking the time to comment or simply “Like” one of my posts. 

This blog is quite reflective of my life right now…it is a work in progress. I am figuring things out as I go and when I feel something substantive, I write and post it. Writing is very natural to me but like with any form of art, I have to be in a creative space in which to allow my heart and thoughts to be transcribed. 

My life is quite demanding like most of yours. I recently celebrated two years of homeownership which is such a blessing. This blessing also comes with enormous responsibility. A case in point…As I was attempting to chill on my back porch last week, pine tree leafs, and other debris was peeking out at me from my gutters.  When I would go to get the mail from my mail box, similar debris greeted me there at the front of my house. The rule of thumb with gutter maintenance is if you can see the debris from the gutters, it is time to clean them.  UGH!!!!! What happened to just chilling and letting someone else handle it? It’s me. I am the one who has to handle it. 

I’m also trying to pick out paint colors for some of my rooms. No, I have not painted. I have not had a housewarming party. No excuses. I just haven’t decided to do it. I will one day. Someday. 

In between my house, relationship, family stuff, friendships and work, is my blog which allows me the freedom of authentic expression. I am more me here than I am anywhere else. 

I will continue to attempt to tantalize your senses with content that is worthy of your time. I am truly grateful for your support. ❤️

Happy Anniversary!



Everybody wants to rule the world 

When you’re standing in the spotlight in all of your glory and then someone else steps in the way…accidentally…causing a shadow temporarily interfere with the moment…it is frustrating to say the least. 

Such an occurrence is also called life.  And that is how the story goes sometimes when we are surrounded by the greatness in others. The great singers, dancers, orators, writers, chefs, teachers and preachers. Anyone who shares a similar interest in the arts or life in general. Jealousy can brew among the closest of friends and family if left unchecked. 

I admire Venus and Serena Williams and their triumphant rise to fame due to their gift of excellence in the game of tennis. I have equal admiration for their father, Richard Williams. Mr. William taught BOTH of his daughter how to play tennis. In the early years, he taught them the tricks of the trade which also involved them playing as opponents as each young lady honed her individual skills. 

Mr. Williams did not choose between Venus or Serena by favoring one over the other. He allowed both of his daughters to realize her individual excellence and become the best tennis player that she was capable of becoming. It is evident that Mr. Williams was on to something. Today, Venus and Serena Williams are ranked among the greatest athletes of all time. They each have won the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and other prestigious tennis matches. 

There have been times in their respective careers when one sister played against her sister professionally having the full knowledge that there could only be one winner.  One champion.  One. 

I am sure in those moments that it was hard for the sister who lost the match. Didn’t they come from the same stock, gene pool; didn’t they both have a comparable passion for the game? Didn’t both want to win each time she played even when the opponent was her sister? Your opponent was your sister. Why didn’t she let you win? Why did you let her win? 

What the Williams sisters have managed to accomplish that most of us cannot or will not do is to allow others to shine without interference. It’s usually all or nothing. “Me first or else.” “I have to be the first to do everything.” “If there are any accolades to be bestowed upon anyone, let it be me and only me.” “I am the greatest.” I am “fresher than yoooooooou…fresher than you. Oh!” 

There is always going to be someone younger, thinner, faster, prettier, richer, smarter or more talented. That is just the way it is. Accept it now before it is too late. Arrive ready to be your own brand of great. Identify what your trademark is and cultivate it. Celebrate it and by all means share it. Just know that you will likely attract others who have a patent pending on his or her own “special sauce.”  Know that it is good and it is very good. For all of us. 

I am one of a billion writers. I did not invent literature, journalism or blogging. There is someone out there doing the exact same thing that I am doing right now. And it is good and very good that he or she is. I do not have to put down my proverbial pen because someone else picked up theirs. My thoughts, experiences and life are woven into my art.  My writing is a part of me. No one can expertly transcribe what I think and feel. No one. And the same is true for you. 

There is no need to aspire for world domination. Life is no more a race to a finish line anymore than it is a pie. Why work hard at keeping anyone from anything that is rightfully theirs? You are playing your life small by allowing yourself to become distracted and consumed by keeping someone else down. You put them in an opposing position and have successfully voted them better than you, by the energy you expend by keeping them in their so-called place. 

When you know your place in the world you become immune and are no longer threaten by where others stand in theirs.