Life’s Anatomy 

We will punish you for being bad. In one fit of anger or real ness you can lose everything. Censorship is real; it has become the new law of the land. The new Constitution. A celebrity or mere mortal has a lapse of judgement or dare I say a moment of candor and we throw him or her away. It’s like saying that one small pimple permanently disfigures & mames the entire face.  
How do you throw a person away? Just send them to a proverbial corner to stay as if he or she doesn’t exist in the first place. What happens when they reach out in their human fragility after the fact?Don’t you dare reach back to save or console them. Or we’ll put you in that corner too. A human needs somebody in his corner. Everyone needs someone to say “I love you though I may not like you or approve of what you did or said.” 

We all need arms to welcome us in during our darkest days and after our longest nights. We all have missed the mark. After doing the most thinking that we are smart. Taking off in the wrong direction thinking it was right, just to see the world and make art. 
We all will make love to someone not worthy of us; one who is incapable of catching us once we have fallen for them. We all will meet a fake friend; an opportunist, a coach, a bully, a teacher and a savior. Sometimes multiple times over. 

And sometimes if we are blessed; we become better people because of all of it. 



  1. lrblount · October 16, 2016

    Girl…too real.

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    • MzStefany · October 16, 2016

      Thank you Girlfriend for reading and commenting!😘


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