It just dawned on me why I haven’t fully gotten over Hillary Clinton losing the Presidential election. She represented hope and now that so-called hope has vanished. Poof! Like a figment of our imagination.  Her public and even humiliating loss to someone grossly unqualified, uncouth and just hideous triggered me. And I’m not alone. 

Hillary represents a dream deferred or worst defeated. She represents wanting something so badly that you exchange the better part of your life for it. You sacrifice time, money, resources, even quality time with people whom you love and need you, for this one big dream.  She represents being set up to fail. She represents coming so close only to lose everything she worked hard for in one night without any warning. We’ve all been there on some level. 

How many of us have been blindsided by someone or something? You just never saw “it” coming, which caused you to be a proverbial sitting duck; defenseless, helpless and conquered.  This isn’t about politics, this is about real life and how it feels to be let down.  Disappointed.  

This is about having to concede to your opponent on the largest stage known to mankind; all eyes watching you as your heart crumbles by the second. As you fight back tears, the desire to scream expletives and explode in righteous anger. You must remain graceful and go high after you have been dragged so low.  What could be more humiliating? 

Oh yes, this is definitely about real life and unmet expectations.  How about the time that you were passed over for a job or promotion only to have it land safely in the lap of one less qualified than you? How about the time your ex left you for someone else not half as attractive, educated or committed as you? What about the people who seem to get all of the breaks while others seem to get zilch and passed over?  It happens. Maybe not to you or me but we all know someone who some of these things have happened to.  

It’s human to feel sad and to question why.  To ask God or the Universe “why me? Why her, why him, why them?” There is no easy explanation sometimes.   And the times when there is, the heart is simply unable to accept the truth of what is.  The reality is there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  At issue is sometimes we don’t know how long the tunnel extends. Sometimes we just have to understand as someone once said, the difference between the end of something versus the end of everything. There is an exponential difference between the two.  

Hillary is going to be okay. As is the country.  As will you and I. I give thanks for life giving me situations that help me better understand me and those around me.  That’s all this is; these are teachable moments for us to learn more about ourselves.  It is occurrences like this that serve as a call to action. When everything is in order there is no need for necessary change. Sometimes we have to get so uncomfortable that we can no longer sit idly by and do nothing. 

Everything truly is in Divine Order.  Sometimes we are the ones who must realign ourselves to the special calling on each of our lives. Hope is ever present though sometimes distant.  It is only through mustard seed size faith that we shall realize it. 

This is much more than politics.  


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