All is well

When we make others the source of our problems we wash our hands of responsibility and accountability.  There will be times in life when people do undesirable things to us, or there is an adverse “cause and effect” result of another’s actions.  In the case of the latter we have the opportunity to respond with victory or as a victim.  

I have had to overcome my share of setbacks and disappointments.  Life has not always been fair in certain situations that I have been involved in. I never deliberately miss the lesson accompanying such circumstances.  I may not have always gotten what I wanted, yet I have always gotten what I needed.  My needs will always be met.  Every need has always been supplied before I was even aware of it.  Nothing has changed.  

All is well.  


A Muted Existence…Never

Maybe I am an empath and never realized or understood it until now.  I will not live a muted life. I feel saddened by those who walk around numb; immune, unphased and unbothered by the suffering of others. Just because an issue doesn’t affect or impact you personally doesn’t green light your silence. Or worst ambivalence. 

I celebrate the millions of women marching today in protest of an administration that dishonors and disavows who we are collectively. The fact  that there are “females” around this President does not conceal or correct the misogynistic mindset that now occupies the White House. The People’s House.  I will not live my life muted.  

It is a mistake to misinterpret the civil disobedience and discontent expressed today as “hurt feelings” over a lossed election. This here is bigger than Hillary Clinton. This is bigger than politics. What we are challenging and fighting against are the early stages of the attempted reversal of civil and equal rights.  This is why other free nations are standing in solidarity with us because like us, they know our history…as well as their own.  Others bare witness to racial and social injustice that has stained the very fabric of this great democracy.  And they think it is as egregious as we do.  This is not a protest against Republicans and so called conservatives; this is a confrontation with regard to the ideals, fear-based, biased agendas and misguided beliefs of some identifying with the Republican Party.

We have elected Republican Presidents since we became a free nation.  People aren’t wasting their time, risking jail, their own comfort and safety merely over a Republican president.  I know many of the women personally who are walking today and let me clear up any misconceptions…all of them have jobs; have college degrees (some have Master’s Degrees); they own their own businesses and despite what you may have heard, they voted in November.  These are not women fighting selfishly for “poor folks welfare” (because they wouldn’t qualify even if they were.)  They are fighting for the elders who can no longer walk but walked for them in the 50s and the 60s; they are walking for the mothers who would’ve joined them but have no childcare; they are walking for the women who don’t have a 9-5, Monday through Friday job. They are walking for women and men, who have worked all of their lives but are struggling financially in their retirement. They are walking for the sick and shut in. They are walking for our Veterans. They are walking for our daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, Mothers, friends, loved ones, partners, coworkers,  and neighbors.  They are walking for you and for me whether you asked them to or appreciate their efforts. 

I will not live a muted, emotionally and spiritually vacant existence.  This is about our futures and the health of our great nation. We are all affected by the decisions made on our behalf on Capitol Hill. We all have to live with the decisions of an individual who is still only addressing his “supporters”, invariably giving the executive order to go “fuck yourself” to all others.  

I will not stand idly by while there is suffering anywhere. My people have come too far and I will not disrespect the legacy on which I proudly stand. Someone walked for me and died so that I may live to see this day. So that I could learn to read and write.  It’s disrespectful to forget that from which you came. I will never forget. I will not live a muted life…ever.