Pandemics and Cap’N Crunch

Hi there! How are you?

I’ve been feeling mildly delirious and topsy turvy as COV-19 (Coronavirus) dominates just about every conversation I’ve had as of late. And I don’t even watch the news. I’ve had to divert my attention from my writing and other plans in general because of this. And I’m not happy about it. From checking in on family and friends-encouraging people to get their immunity supplements, to ensuring that I have my own…this has been taxing on the soul. I’m sure you feel the same way.

It’s real out here, guys and dolls. One of my local (brand new) Whole Foods stores was a hidden jewel…until the Coronavirus. The parking lot was packed like a shopping mall. And that was just for that store.

I suspect a lot of people will be going plant-based sooner than later at the rate we’re seemingly going…you heard it here first.

I can’t tell you how to feel about any of this. There is a lot at stake. With many businesses modifying operations to remote work settings, my concern is for those who don’t have a similar option. Or, who don’t get paid if they don’t work.

We can come back to the topic of healthcare. Please complete the 2020 Census, btw.

I hope the world recovers and heals soon. I hope that some of these involuntary quarantines and corporate mandates to work from home, create much needed space and opportunity for us to cleave closer to what and WHO matters most in our lives.

I definitely need a break. And I’m taking it. I stumbled upon some toilet tissue (I’m from Chicago), and I feel like a freakin CHAMPION!!! I have succumbed to the “sheeplike” mentality of semi hoarding everything from mayonnaise, jasmine rice; there may even be some Little Debbies and Cap’N Crunch in here. Who knows and who cares?

I’m loving and living my life until the wheels fall off.

Join me. ❤️


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