More Peace, Please

The proverbial “cat” has gotten my tongue this week, dear Readers. I have been in full relaxation mode and you know what? I needed it.

I have been going non-stop these past several months. Actually for more like a year. I’ve been bravely resilient. I have held my tongue when necessary, and spoken my truth to advocate for myself when situations demanded it. I have mourned; I’m still in one of the multilayered stages of mourning. I have been working, adulting, and living my best life and in the midst everything…

COVID-19 happened to the world.

The timing couldn’t have been worst and yet it couldn’t have been better. I think we all needed a temporary reset and reprieve from the ordinary. What none of us needed was the uncertainty, frightening headlines and real life stories detailing the lethal impact of this virus. We didn’t need to lose, friends, loved ones, or strangers to this pandemic. And for the fortunate ones, the COVID-recovery was a gift after an unimaginable, nerve-racking experience for all concerned.

I am blessed that I have remained healthy physically and mentally throughout all of these experiences. Stress, worrying, and sadness can compromise your immunity and overall well-being in untold ways. I don’t have time for that. I would venture to say that you don’t either.

So, I’m in reset mode. I’ve been putting my online and cable subscriptions to good use, among others. I will get around to finishing some of the actual books that I’ve previously started and stopped. I am always writing. I’ve also managed to enjoy the outdoors sans any food/grocery shopping excursions, or running errands. I’m doing me…

(And food shopping, running errands, and household chores.) Yup, still also me.

This must be what peace feels like. I love it! As I raise my hands up to the Universe, “more peace please!”

Thanks for stopping by today. Trust me, I have plenty of good content left to share.

Maybe nothing to blow your hair back on today though.

Until next time, stay safe and be careful out there.


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