Living in America

Just maybe when racism no longer takes on a living and breathing form, there will be minimal, if any need to protest or march “on behalf of” anyone.

We don’t need anymore examples of racial disparities. No family is willing to sacrifice a family member or loved one in the name of a movement. In exchange for a street renamed in “memory of”; for candlelight vigils, colorful murals, and “in memoriam” T-shirts.

After someone dies (e.g. murdered) so tragically and inhumanely as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Armaud Arbery, Sean Bell, and Emmett Till to name a few, the spotlight is on. Their names become slogans as communities lift them and their families out of obscurity. These victims no longer belong to their families, as their legacies quickly become co-opted, revered, and even scrutinized.

Who would want this?

We don’t want anymore of our family members, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to Rest In Peace before their time. We would much rather LIVE in peace.

Anger takes on many forms, most of which are unhealthy, unproductive, and destructive. Yet and still anger is a response. It is a bellowing distress call or a plea for help. When past attempts have been ignored. I support peaceful protest and lawful civil disobedience as necessary. I shouldn’t have to state the obvious but because some of us are acting “brand new”, there will always be those among us who capitalize on the opportunity to engage in lawless behavior. Who exploit the misfortune of others, who take advantage of vulnerable situations and people, those who are devoid of any human decency and lack a moral compass.

We can focus on them…those who represent a small percentage of the population because they give those who refuse to believe that water is wet, causation to deflect from the real issue(s) at hand. It’s a “yeah, but.” Or, “see! Told you!”

When someone breaks the law, you arrest and charge them if required. What you don’t do is kill them in cold blood on the street, or in their home, or in their car.

Patriotism is simply defined as the love of one’s country.

This extends to her laws.

This extends to her People.


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