Valor Optimism Truth Ethics

What is the point of a political convention in today’s society? What people need is an intelligent and thoughtful conversation.

People bring their full selves and their experiences into the polling stations. A few days on a center stage isn’t going to change much. Not in the hearts and minds of those looking for change outside of themselves.

When we peel back all of the rhetoric, we will find that what the collective “we” want is more similar than not.

The lines get blurred and the pots get stirred when we start personalizing “who” we want these things for.

I see people protesting out of necessity. Others see evidence of a decaying society. It would behoove us all to acknowledge that the criminal mindset will do what it always does-identify opportunities to exploit and co-opt unrelated acts of civil disobedience. Whether it be a protest, funeral processions, or working class people trying to commute to work.

But it’s more convenient to focus on the criminals. Though rarely constructively. We can never seem to catch the bastards who snatched an elderly woman’s purse, or those who terrorize their communities without consequences. Yet, we always seem to catch our “predator” in time for the 11 o’clock news.

Both sides are looking for poster children to illustrate its so-called values, narratives, and subsequent right to power.

America is split into two parties.

And no one is dancing.


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