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Stephanie is a feature and creative writer, who has freelanced for NV Magazine, a New York based publication that highlighted the professional accomplishments of urban entrepreneurs. She is the proud Writer-in-Chief for the Rymarkablesteph blog. When she is not writing creative stories and personal essays, she pens corporate communications and employee relations briefs. Stephanie loves listening to 80s music, and is always seeking the “perfect” shade of red lipstick.

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  • You Are
    I just want to remind you of how strong and powerful you are. I know that you don’t always feel as though you are-but you definitely are. You are a wonderful expression of God-unique and unrepeatable in every way. Someone loves you more than you will ever realize; you make all the difference for many. […]
  • Valentine’s Day: A reason to celebrate
    Sans the “Hallmark” aspect of it, tis the season for LOVE! Regardless of whether you are happily single, married (for some, “both”), or in a “complicated relationship”, there is someone, somewhere who adores you. Who thinks about you more than you realize and prays for you always. And if you’ve every had the capacity to […]