The Success Blueprint

The people who are often recognized as successful are those who expend extra effort for the common goal and obtaining measurable results.

While others complain about what is going wrong, successful individuals allow this frustration to fuel their solutions. These people expect to succeed and they are relentless about achieving their goals.

Successful people understand that we’re always on an “interview.” They are clear that someone is always watching what we do and how we work. Which may lead to future opportunities if a positive connection is made, or a good impression.

They do not wait for someone to tap them on the shoulder for a promotion because they are busy making themselves indispensable. To just about everyone. It’s not what you think about them; it’s what they know to be true about themselves and what they seek to achieve in life. They do not fear stepping on the wrong toes or passing over anyone. For they understand that in this benevolent Universe there is enough opportunity for everyone. Although only a small percentage will cash in on their own gifts. Successful people see themselves as such before they’ve embarked on the task.

They seek to become their greatest self and often times will out work anyone in their midst to achieve their life’s purpose.


Understanding Is…

I am in the process of mastering that two-way communication is the gateway to receiving and giving one of the greatest gifts of all…understanding. Assumptions keeps us barricaded on our side; lost in our own wonderland called perspective, thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Extending the opportunity to understand another’s point of view can be akin to the journey to the Land of Oz. Who knows what we will learn by being open to another level of awareness? Who knows…maybe we will even discover that our original perspective was erroneous or lacking critical information. It’s not about being a judge or jury. It is about cleaning out the cobwebs of ignorance and immaturity, and bravely exposing ourselves to another level of consciousness; void of the inherent need to defend anything, or anyone…including ourselves.