Life is a Special Occasion

Be gentle with yourself today. Be compassionate and take care of yourself today. Make that appointment (cancel that appointment); book that trip, write a letter to express your dormant thoughts and desires-(you don’t have to send or share it. Ever.)

Listen to music that makes you feel good (extra credit if you get up and dance it out for 3 minutes.) Put on the lipstick; the special occasion earrings, jeans, shirt, dress, suit, shoes, jacket, or tie. You woke up today…this IS the special occasion.

It is only when we take care of ourselves FIRST, that we can show any semblance of humanity, compassion, and decency to others.

Have the best day today.

And enjoy it.


By Invitation Only

Life is full of invitations; we invite people to our homes, events, and into our hearts. Never forget that an invitation can be rescinded. If an individual doesn’t have the capacity to love you, to honor your feelings; if they can’t embrace who you are TODAY, their invitation must be rescinded. Others are watching the manner in which you take care of yourself and will follow your lead; always lead by example.

Understanding Is…

I am in the process of mastering that two-way communication is the gateway to receiving and giving one of the greatest gifts of all…understanding. Assumptions keeps us barricaded on our side; lost in our own wonderland called perspective, thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Extending the opportunity to understand another’s point of view can be akin to the journey to the Land of Oz. Who knows what we will learn by being open to another level of awareness? Who knows…maybe we will even discover that our original perspective was erroneous or lacking critical information. It’s not about being a judge or jury. It is about cleaning out the cobwebs of ignorance and immaturity, and bravely exposing ourselves to another level of consciousness; void of the inherent need to defend anything, or anyone…including ourselves.