Until Success…

So this post is about success or how to achieve it. As I type (literally) I do not yet know what I’m going to call this post. I also do not know what I’m going to say because I’m literally going to “speak” or write from my heart. Here we go…

Often times we feel stuck. Stuck in a dead end job or a relationship; in a loving or living situation. Stuck in debt or feeling indebted to someone or something.  There are plenty of books and so-called gurus who profess to help you and I become unstuck.  Some of the content and advice is helpful; spot on at times. For me, there is always something missing. It’s kind of like sitting down eating a meal that though tasty, was not well-seasoned or cooked thoroughly.  

I think that missing something is when does the clock start on success? When does one become officially successful? I know for me, I have felt that I’m in a holding pattern of “until.” It goes like this…I’m not prosperous or financially successful until I’ve paid off ALL of my debt; until I’ve paid off my student loans. These are all of good plans but perhaps those are goals in progress instead. 

Maybe you’re already successful when you can pay your bills every month on time? Maybe you finally moved into your own place that has YOUR name on the lease.  Or maybe you bought your first house or second; maybe you were able to buy rental property? Maybe you learned how to drive.  

Maybe you have been doing a better job of taking care of your health. Maybe you haven’t joined a gym but you are making better food choices.  Maybe you’re taking vitamins; maybe you’ve become more cognizant of your daily sugar and caloric intake. Or, you’re eating more balanced meals that are appropriately portioned. Maybe you’ve made your first dental appointment or scheduled your first physical in years.  Maybe you are also taking inventory of your spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.  

Have you begun treating yourself better? Do you say No and mean it, where applicable? You catch yourself and refrain from deliberate negative thinking and self-talk? You now take yourself out on a date.  Yes, you can do your own nails and hair but why not help someone else eat by getting a mani or pedi? Let someone else do your hair sometimes.  Consider having your laundry done by the local laundromat every now and then, because (and only because) it’s convenient and often times comparable in price as doing it yourself. Okay…you can start off slow and not include your intimate apparel the first time, if you’re uncomfortable with someone handling your undergarments.  

Did you go back to school or finished whatever course study that you may have started? Did you book your first cruise? Have you bought an expensive pair of shoes or jewelry? Not because you need them but because you work hard and deserve quality things?

Maybe you volunteered for the first time in your life in the spirit of giving back.  Maybe you know what it’s like to feel hungry and need the help from social services to get through the month.  Or, you’ve either sat in a hospital bed and had no visitors, so you know what it feels like when no one shows up for you.  Maybe you show up and sit with someone in a similar situation so they don’t go through what you had to. 

The point is success can be measured in enumerate ways. There is no need to defer the consciousness of doing and living well. Celebrate doing more today than you ever would have imagined doing a year ago or 5 years ago. Give yourself appropriate credit for maintaining your sobriety, or your celibacy if this is important to you. Maybe you mustered up an epic level of courage to make a difficult decision or phone call.  These are the cornerstones of success too.  

Everyone will not achieve celebrity-esque success.  There is only one Einstein.  There is also only one of you and one of me. We are already unique by our very existence.  Be that. Walk in any room and be the embodiment of your own brand.  

P.S.  I came up with a title…


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