She appears

Hi there!

It’s been a couple of years, eh?

Honestly, I’ve been going through a series of life changes, growth spurts, and basic adulting scenarios. I’ve experienced some events in my life that have tested me in ways that I was not prepared for or could have never anticipated.  I suspect that my so-called mid-life crisis is happening early, considering that I have not yet reached the actual mid-point of life. 

I have lived long enough to recognize the familiar symptoms of not living a purposeful life.  It looks like this: when you recognize that you have reached a point in your life whether it be personally or professionally, that you have been standing still.  As if you are stationary in the middle of a merry-go-round.  Life seems to be zipping past you as you awaken to a reality that has become stagnant and untenable.  The time has come to accept that you have outgrown your current circumstances.  Perhaps like when you find a favorite pair of shoes that were buried underneath stuff in the back of your closet, only to put them on and find out that they no longer fit.  Or, you don’t love them like you did once before.  

The real reason why I haven’t been posting in my blog is because I wasn’t sure if my heart was into it. I’m a journalist-I’m not a “blogger.” I’m a writer. And then I had to come to the realization that I have been a writer who hasn’t been writing seriously or regularly.   I suffered from self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Though I enjoy writing, I still asked myself, “who am I to write?”  I often thought, isn’t the world filled with enough writers? And real talk, I questioned whether my work was any good in terms of whether people really wanted to hear what I had to say. Did I have anything different or unique to offer in terms of perspective? What does my audience want from me; do I even have an audience? 

What I am sure of is, I have decided to become a writer who writes regularly. Period. I will show up. Some posts are going to be better than others; some are going to be a public brain dump. 

Hopefully, you will come along for the ride. My goal is to spend your time wisely while you’re here with me; to share my stories, offer you a different perspective, and maybe just entertain you. Let’s see what happens.

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